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Learn to Swim All Ages.

Southport / Liverpool / Ormskirk / Wigan / Blackpool Call: 0744 913 5450

Who Swam in 1 Hour?

The Water Whisperer

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Non Swimmer Macy swam 1/4 mile on first lesson on 3rd lesson she swam 1/2 mile! Please visit our Facebook page for more up to date results.

Macy learnt all of front crawl, with correct side breathing, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly in just three hours. From a non swimmer on her first lesson Macy learnt a full stroke and swam 1/4 of a mile. On her third lesson Macy swam 1/2 a mile non stop no support. By the end of Macys four hours she could swim all four strokes and here is the video to see how well she did.... This was one of Gail's highest achievers on a four hour private course!

If you would like to learn to swim beautifully and fast contact The Water Whisperer Team on 07449135450 or use the contact box at the side of the page. Move down the page after Macys video for many more children who learnt to swim in one hour or less!

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Alfie Ferguson 6 years old learnt a full stroke & swam 200meters in less than 30mins

Alfie has been a superb little boy. On his first lesson he was confident but had no skills at all and could not scramble from A to B without arm bands on. Alfie learnt a full stroke and swam 200 meters and on his second lesson he learnt a second stroke and swam 15 meters. Both his front crawl and backstroke was superb and Alfie had correct breathing to the side not forward or throwing his head around.

Learning to swim in just one hour - or 15 mins in Ryan's case!

It's fantastic; here are some of the children & adults who learnt to swim in just one hour, or just 15 mins in Ryan's case!

Amber & Leah, 9yrs and 6yrs (who had been at another swim school for 3 1/2 years and were still NOT swimming.)

Amber and Leah, (what can I say!), they started as confident children, but they had no idea about breaststroke or backstroke, however they swam 100 meters (both of the girls, 10 lengths) in their first hour. Their Mother said 'They have never done anything like that before!' By the end of the four hours, they had learnt breaststroke and front crawl with correct breathing as well and backstroke! I was so pleased (well done girls!) and so was their Mother.. click for her testimonial!

Please note when Tracey says the girls have had lessons for three and a half years and not learnt any technique, no still not swimming in all that time, Tracey was of course NOT refering to my swim school for 3 1/2 years! They had been at my swim school for just FOUR HOURS!

Louise Adult 35 yrs old swam 100 meters in first hour, 1/4 of a mile by her 4th lesson

Louise had been having swimming lessons, on and off for over ten years and had got nowhere. In one hour, her first lesson with me, Louise learnt a full stroke. She says in her testimonial how scared she was about swimming on her back. She swam 100 meters backstroke and went on to learn breaststroke where she swam 100 meters and front crawl, 60 meters with correct four stroke breathing. By the end of the course Louise had swam 1/4 of a mile non stop in addition to learning the three main strokes.

Louise is my highest achiever on a four day, one hour a day intense course.

Here is Louise demonstrating her beautiful back stroke

Sam swam 200 meters in first hour, 1/4 of a mile in 2nd hour!

Sam was one of my quickest learning pupils and learnt all three main strokes on the 4 hour VIP course starting with no technique at all for any of the strokes. That's right he could NOT SWIM AT THE START like nearly all my pupils.

Sam ended up swimming in addition to the 1/4 of a mile distance swim, 60 meters breaststroke and 40 meters front crawl with correct breathing. He also shared his course with Ben his little brother who also swam 100 meters one stroke and 5 meters front crawl by the end of the four hours.

Sam & Ben

Ryan 9 yrs old Swam 60 Meters on his first lesson in 15mins!

Ryan came to me as he is going on a boating holiday shortly. He could swim a doggie paddle type swim for about 3 meters he was nervous of putting his face under water although he did do it for a few seconds he was not happy about it, and he had never been on his back. You can see that in his video. After just 15 mins I had Ryan swimming full stroke without aids and he swam 60 meters on his first day.

Ryan finished his four hours and swam 100 meters breaststroke, 90 meters backstroke, and we were working on front crawl breathing, he could swim 5 meters front crawl with breathing.

Here is Ryan doing a demonstration of his backstroke and the second video, are some words from Ryans Dad.

Adam & Hannah 5 & 6 years old, both been having lessons elsewhere for TWO YEARS STILL COULDN'T SWIM!

Adam and Hannah also have been having lessons elsewhere and still not swimming. They were fairly confident when they started and could swim 3 meters with swimming aids on their front and back. After their first hour Adam swam 60 meters full stroke and Hannah swam

70 meters full stroke.

Here is Tracey Their Mothers testimonal after the course...

James H - Been at another swimming school for 3 years STILL NOT swimming!

James has so far been the most outstanding pupil, (as noted on the VIP page). James could not swim when he started, or had any technique for any of the strokes. James learnt a full stroke and swam a fantiastic distance of 10 lengths (100 meters) after just one lesson by the end of his four hours James had learnt, backstroke, breaststroke where he swam 100 meters breaststroke and he learnt front crawl with breathing and swam 30 meters, this was superb! This proves my methods are far faster than any other method of teaching a child to swim.

Adults Carol & Justin

Neither Carol or Justin could do much, Carol could scramble in a doggie paddle like fashion about 2 meters and Justin could swim about 3 meters in a breast stroke like fashion then sank.

After one hour, Carol, (having NEVER been on her back before), swam 4 lengths legs only, and two length arms and legs. Justin swam one and a half lengths breaststroke and two lengths backstroke.

Today they had their second hour and Carol swam 8 lengths, (80 meters), full stroke and 4 lengths full breaststroke and Justin swam 6 lengths full backstroke and four lengths full breaststroke.


Kyra learnt a full stroke and swam 20meters, by the end of her first hour. At the end of her four hours Kyra swam 100 meters one stoke and could swim a short distance on her second stroke.

Louis had been having lessons elsewhere & still not swimming.

Louis only came for a 30 min trial lesson with me. He had no technique, and needed arm bands and support at the start. At the end of 30 mins Louis was able to swim 5 meters with out support or arm bands.

Charlotte L.

Charlotte could just about paddle across the pool with arm bands on, she was nervous of putting her face. After just one hour Charlotte learnt breaststroke leg movement, breaststroke arms, coordination of breaststroke and Charlotte swam 5 meters breaststroke after about 30 minutes of lesson, (as I split the lesson with 50 /50 backstroke and breaststroke). Charlotte also happily put her face and head under water after some coaching. This was amazing!

At the end of the four days Charlotte gained her 25 meters distance swim for breaststroke, she also learnt backstroke and swam 100 meters (ten lengths), she also jumped in the deep end and safely climbed out, and on top of all this she managed sitting down dives in!  

Ben 5yrs started with no style for any strokes & not confident in the water.

At 5 years of age, Ben was terrified of the water when he arrived for his first lesson. He swam 20 meters full stroke in lesson one, that was achieved in the first 30 mns of the first hour of his first lesson. Ben swam 100 meters full stroke during lesson two, second hour of lessons! He swam 200 meters full stroke during lesson three, (thats in three hours of lessons.) By the end of the 4 hour course Ben had learnt all of breaststroke and front crawl with breathing and backstroke.


Sophie had no technique when she started, and after one lesson Sophie swam 5 meters full stroke without arm bands.

Amelia S.

Amelia had no technique, but she could swim doggie paddle with arm bands on across the pool. Amelia swam 40 meters full stroke during her first one hour lesson. Amelia finished the four day course with 200 meters backstoke, and 5 meters breast stroke.

Sophia & Georgina

Both the girls had no technique when the began, at the end of the first lesson, both girls swam 10 meters.

Joe 5 years old swam 10 meters full stroke.

Joe could swim with his armbands on a doggie paddle type scramble across 3 meters of the pool. He had no technique for any strokes. In the first session he learnt a full stroke and swam 10 meters.

On his second lesson he swam 60 meters.

Chloe nervous 5 years old.

Chloe was a really nervous little girl, she could not get in the pool by herself and clung for dear life at the bars. At the end of the first hour, Chloe swam 10 meters.. She did so well, she also was able to put her face under for ten seconds, which was superb for such a nervous pupil. On her second lesson Chloe swam full stroke arms and swam 20 meters arms and legs, well done sweetie!

Alicia 5 yrs old had been having lessons for 6 months & still non swimmer.

Alicia swam 20 meters backstroke and by the forth lesson she'd swam 200 meters backstroke.

Lilly Woods non swimmer swam 1/4 of a mile by the end of her first lesson.

Lilly Woods learnt a full stroke AND swam 1/4 of a mile by the end of her first lesson with me, we made local headlines for this fantastic achievement and here we are in the news on ots website.... Read about Lilly Woods and Layla Vella, swimming 1/4 of a mile, Lilly did it on her first lesson from a non swimmer!


Jamerson swam 100 meters backstroke by the end of his first lesson, and on his forth lesson he swam 300 meters backstroke and had learnt all three stroke getting up to font crawl breathing, which is the last part of front crawl.

Thomas 5 years old, nervous, crying did not want to get in the pool swam 15 m

Thomas was very upset when I went over to get him from the poolside where he was sitting with his mum and nana. He was crying and really did not want to get in. Within the first half hour Thomas had learnt a full stroke and swam 15 meters full stroke, in addition to going underwater and getting sticks off the bottom. This is superb considering his frame of mind when he started.

AND MANY MORE.... I don't really update this page anymore as there are hundreds..

...That learn to swim in one hour or less, go to my facebook page for current news.... Click for Gails facebook page