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Learn to Swim All Ages.

Southport / Liverpool / Ormskirk / Wigan / Blackpool Call: 0744 913 5450

Triathlon Swimming

The Water Whisperer

Triathlon Swimming Lessons / Technique via Skype.

I recently gave a swimming lesson via Skype for a triathlete who wanted to compete who lives in USA. It worked very well, she googled 'learn to swim 1/4 of a mile' and she found my other page where Lousie learnt to swim in four hours 1/4 of a mile, (see Non swimmer to 1/4 mile listed above.)

How it works, you can have a friend video you swimming from a couple of different angles, and send them to me via email, and I can then assess your technique and we can then have a video chat / lesson over skype and I can show you the correct practices to improve your style.

The lady in USA made great progress and in three weeks she went from 20 meters to 1/4 of a mile and managed to take part in her triathlon.

Skype lesson 30 min consultation: £30.00. Call 07449135450 for more details or email me at [email protected]