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Learn to Swim All Ages.

Southport / Liverpool / Ormskirk / Wigan / Blackpool Call: 0744 913 5450


The Water Whisperer

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Chloe Roberts & Jodie Higham both swum 1/4 of a mile at 3 years old and ONE mile

at 4 years old!

Leah & Ambers Mother.

Please note when Ambers Mother notes her children have been having swimming lessons for three and a half years, clearly not with my swim school!

In just four hours the two girls swam correct breaststroke and backstroke great distances of ten and twenty lenghts and 30 meters with front crawl breathing, superb considering they could only kick their legs whilst holding a float when they started with me, (and thats all they learnt in 3 and a half years going elsewhere!)

Hear it for yourself from their Mother.

Tim's Dad Testimonial

Louise - Adult Swam 1/4 of a Mile in four hours!

Louise had been trying to swim for ten years going to many other swim schools and teachers. Louise swam an amazinf 1/4 of a mile thats 40 lengths in my pool backstroke and swam breaststroke AND front crawl with correct breathing technique. Here is her testimonial.

And here is Louise swimming her backstroke.

Alyson best swim, 200 meters back stroke in 4 hours!

Ryans Dads Testimonial, Ryan swam 60 meters in 15 mins of tuition!

Ryan had had a course of lessons elsewhere and his parents did not feel he did very well. Ryan swam 60 meters full backstroke in the first lesson, that was about 15 mins of tuition. Ryan had no style for backstroke and told me he simply could not swim on his back. At the end of the four hours, Ryan swam 100 meters backstroke, 90 meters breast stroke, and he learnt front crawl and we left it where we were working on breathing for front crawl. He did really very well. Heres Ryans Dad telling his story and progress and the second video is of Ryan swimming his back stroke.

Archie's Mother

  " Your VIP sessions built Archie's stamina in the water and he is very keen to get in the pool now. I thought you did a really great job on his stroke technique. I particularly think your sessions helped him to break through the confidence and technique barrier in front crawl, which was the one I thought would be the hardest to crack. That's coming along really beautifully now. He's confident with his backstroke too. With no distractions in a one-on-one setting, he made visible progress in just a few days.

Thanks again, I'll definitely be recommending you."   

Sophia, Georgia and Isaacs Mother.