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Learn to Swim All Ages.

Southport / Liverpool / Ormskirk / Wigan / Blackpool Call: 0744 913 5450

Learn to Swim In 4 Hours

The Water Whisperer

Macy highest achiever on a 4 hour private course, non swimmer to 1/2 a mile!

Macy could not swim even one meter doggy paddle at the start of her course. On Macy's first day she learnt a full stroke AND went on to swim 1/4 of a mile. It took her about 20 mins to learn a full stroke and 20 mins to swim 1/4 of a mile. On Macy's second lesson Macy learned a second stroke. On Macys third one hour lesson Macy swam 1/2 of a mile with ease. By Macys 4th lesson she had learnt all four strokes, that's breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl with side breathing and butterfly. Here is her video of the styles after just 3 hour lessons as one hour was spent doing the two distance swims. Macy swam both of them without any support from floats or stopping.

Here's Macy's video, Call Gail now on 07449135450 she would love to hear from you 

VIP Learn to Swim 4 Day Course Some Results Please note these results are NOT the 'best of say 100 pupils' these results show the standard throughout all the children & adults who have taken part.

Tim 5 Years Old. Best swim 50 meters breast stroke (in 3 hrs)

Tim was a very nervous when he started, he could just about swim 3 meters with his arm bands on with legs only kicking but not a correct leg kick. Tim had no arm movements when trying to swim the three meters on his own. Tim could just about blow bubbles he could not put all his head and face underwater.

Tim only attended three one hour sessions Mon - Wed, he then attended four half hour classes on a weekly basis, therefore in five hours of lessons Tim achieved the following.

25 meters full (and very beautiful) breast stroke with no armbands on.

50 meters full back stroke, no arm bands on.

Jump in the deep end and turn around and swim back to the wall and climb out.

Pick toys off the bottom of the pool in the shallow end.

In a further two half our classes, so a total of six hours of swimming lessons, Tim

has now completed 100meters back stroke and 100 meters breast stroke, here are his videos swimming 20 meters of back stroke and 20meters of his 100 meters breast stroke, plus jumping in the deep end, turning round and swimming back to the side safely.

Tims progress was fantastic and his Mother was very pleased, he is now starting on front crawl practices and still attending a one to one

weekly lesson.

James 5 Years Old. Best Swim 100 meters breast stroke & 100 meters back stroke and 30 meters front crawl with breathing,

yes all in four hours!

When Jame's came to me his mother wanted me to teach him front crawl first. James was confident in the water and could perform push and glides and kick with a float on both his front and back. James could put his face in and dip under water. There was no technique for any stroke. At the end of the four days James swam 100 meters breast stroke perfectly, and swam the 30 meters front crawl with correct breathing his mother wanted him to perform. He also swam 100 meters back stroke. All this in four days was amazing and another five star pupil. James now comes to me for a private VIP class once a week.

Here is James swimming one length for the cameras and telling you all he'd swam 100 meters earlier.

Alyson, an Adult! Nervous pupil, best swim 200 meters back stroke.

Alyson came to me as she needed to swim 200 meters to be able to enroll on a scuba diving course. When Alyson began she was very nervous of water, but she was determined to conquer her fears. Alyson has been the best female adult pupil I have taught in all my years, and thats over 20 of them. Alyson could not swim more that a couple of strokes of breast stroke and had never been on her back. Those couple of strokes of breast stroke were swam with panic and stress, Alyson sank pretty much on her third stroke. Within two lessons Alyson was swimming on her back using correct back stroke arms and passed her 200 meters back stroke certificate, that is swimming the 100 meters in one go, no rests.. Alyson could also swim three lengths breast stroke. Alyson really wanted to be able to swim the 200 meters breast stroke and so booked a second VIP four day course. Alyson has one lesson left, however she has swam 100 meters breast stroke with just four very quick feet down, and them back up, and so continued. Alyson had a short rest between the first and second 100 meters, I try to keep it under 90 seconds, and she swam the second half, (100 meters) non stop breast stroke. On the first attempt last week it took her 35 mins with lots of pauses and a few under one minute rests to complete 200 meters breast stroke. Today Alyson swam her 200 meters breast stroke in 15 mins, and Alyson can complete 200 meters back stroke in 11 mins, and to add that was with a short rest after the first 200 meters breast stroke. Therefore Alyson swam over a quarter of a mile in under half an hour 400 meters in total. Amazing that's what I say! Five Stars for Alyson!

Here is Alysons Testimonial & part of Alysons 200 m back stroke swim

Archie 5 years old. Best swim 100 meters back stroke.

Archie was confident at the start but he had no distance or technique for back stroke, he could only push and kick with his face in the water for front swimming. In just two one hour lessons he learnt front crawl arms and breathing and swam 5 meters front crawl correctly. Archie also swam 100 meters back stroke by the end of his four lessons, here are some comments from Archies Mother,

" Your VIP sessions built Archie's stamina in the water and he is very keen to get in the pool now. I thought you did a really great job on his stroke technique. I particularly think your sessions helped him to break through the confidence and technique barrier in front crawl, which was the one I thought would be the hardest to crack. That's coming along really beautifully now. He's confident with his backstroke too. With no distractions in a one-on-one setting, he made visible progress in just a few days.

Thanks again, I'll definitely be recommending you."

Franchesca 5 Years Old. Best swim 100 meters back stroke.

Francesca could not swim at the start of her course, she could put her face in the water and kick legs only and added a type of breast stroke arm movement. Francesca's Mother asked me to teach her front crawl and back stroke. At the end of the four lessons Francesca swam 100 meters back stroke full arms and legs. Francesca also learnt arms and legs for front crawl. At first Francesca could not move her arms for front crawl, she could only kick her legs in a fashion. At the end Francesca could swim 5 meters front crawl, and she was up to learning breathing. Her Mother was really pleased and Francesca is now coming to weekly one to one private lessons.

In Francesca's video you can see her 'before' skills, in her second video you can see her swim her first 20 meters, she improved on that and as noted by the end of the four days Francesca swam 100 meters back stroke.

Francesca Before Video

Francesca After Video Swimming 20 Meters on Day 2

Joshua 4 years old. Very nervous at start, best swim 5 meters back.

Joshua could not get in the pool without assistance, he could just about kick at a fashion with arm bands on for about 3 meters, there was no arm movement at the start. Joshua was very scared you can see by the start video his scared face and not too happy when asked to blow bubbles, Joshua was certainly a very nervous pupil.

At the end of the four days, Joshua swam 5 meters unaided on his back legs only, he learnt the basics of breast stroke and was up to co-ordination of breast stroke. Joshua could jump in and get to the side with a slight amount of support from myself, no arm bands are used for jumping in. Joshua also was happier going under water on the steps to get the toys off the bottom which is really great progress considering how scared he was when he started.

I feel Joshua made superb progress.

Joshua Before Video, Very Nervous Lots of Arm Bands and Tubes!

Joshua After Video, So Happy In The Water!

Jumping in at the deep end, and he knew it was deep.

Joshua Going Right Underwater on the Stairs Playing.

Kyra 5 Years Old. Best swim 200 meters back stroke.

Kyra is confident in the water but did not have any technique she could swim 5 meters kicking her legs with arm bands on. At the end of the first hour Kyra swam two lengths thats 20 meters full back stroke arms and legs with no arm bands or assistance. At the end of the four one hour lessons Kyra swam 200 meters full back stroke arms and legs and learnt breast stroke and could swim a good breast stroke with arm bands on very low. I expect her arm bands will be off for good shortly.

Owen 5 Yrs Old, in 2 hours, Owen's best swim 40 meters back stroke, after 4 hours Owen swam 100 meters back stroke.

Owen started this week on 2nd of July 2012, he is a non swimmer no technique present but he was able to swim a few meters with his arm bands on. He was fantastic swimming 40 meters full back stroke arms and legs moving correctly without his arm bands or any support. I expect he will complete 100 meters by the end of his classes, he also has got to coordination of breast stroke. Well Done to Owen! Video and updates next week. UPdate: Yes as I expected Owen swam 100 meters back stroke arms and legs moving correctly no arm bands on. He also swam 3 meters breast stroke and is now coming for one to one classes for half an hour a week. I expect Owen will be swiimming lengths of breast stroke pretty quickly. Owen also was able to jump in the deep end with no arm bands on and get back to the poolside and out of the pool safely. Videos to follow

Sebestian 4 years old, best swim in 4 1/2 hours of lessons 50 meters full back stroke, (arms and legs).

Sebastian is a lovely little boy who listened very well and tried his best. He was confident at the start but had no technique. After the first four hours Sebastian swam 10 meters back stroke, and got the coordination of breast stroke but still had his arm bands on for breast stroke. However he continued with one to one weekly classes and on his first half hour one to one class with me after the VIP intense Sebastian swam 50 meters back stroke with arms and legs. I expect he will swim 100 meters on his next lesson. Videos to follow of before the course and after.

Charlotte L aged 6 yrs, best swim 100 meters back stroke

Charlotte is on the 'Whos swam in an hour page!' Charlotte did really very very well, she learnt breast stroke in the first lesson, she only had 30 mins (as I spilt the lessons with two strokes), and she swam across the pool breast stroke.

At the end of the four days Charlotte gained her 25 meters distance swim for breast stroke, she also learnt back stroke and swam 100 meters (ten lengths), she also jumped in the deep end and safely climbed out, and on top of all this she managed sitting down dives in!

Charlottes mum has left a great testimonial!

Sophie 6 years old best swim 100 meters back stroke.

Sophie on her first lesson swam 5 meters on her back with her legs kicking no arm bands on, and learnt breast stroke up to coordination.

At the start of the class on her first day Sophie had no technique for any strokes, but she was confident in the water.

Day Two

On sophies second hour lesson Sophie learnt her arm movements for back stroke and swam 10 meters on her back full back stroke, (no arm bands on). I took off Sophies floatation aids for breast stroke and Sophie swam 5 meters breast stroke. I was really pleased with Sophie progression her Mum and Dad told me how pleased they were with her progress and I hope they will say a few words for the testimonial this week.

At the end of the course Sophie swam also 100 meters back stroke. Sophie is now coming to weekly VIP one to one classes.

Ryan 10 yrs, best swim 100 meters breast stroke & 90 meters back stroke and 5 meters front crawl

Ryan had had a course of lessons elsewhere and heparents did not feel he did very well. Ryan swam 60 meters full back stroke in the first lesson, that was about 15 mins of tuition. Ryan had no style for back stroke and told me he simply could not swim on his back. At the end of the four hours, Ryan swam 100 meters back stroke, 90 meters back stroke, and he learnt front crawl and we left it where we were working on breathing for front crawl and could swim 5 meters. He did really very well. Heres Ryans Dad telling his story and progress and the second video is of Ryan swimming his back stroke.