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Learn to Swim All Ages.

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The Water Whisperer

Christmas 2014 my lovely parents helped me raise £100.00 for the disaster areas mostly the Typhoon region, although Ive sent to 

other charities too. Action Against Hunger only takes 7% of donations for running costs I have sent them £62.00 I sent them £14.00 this is an animal rescue charity in the Philippines After seeing a terrible photo of the dog meat trade, its just horrific, that I know of, I sent this charity a wee donation too, £30.00

These are the charities I tend to donate to on a regular basis.

Kiva you can put money in and the people in the Third World Countries can use it like a business loan, so far I have been paid back every time. Not that I am worried about that but you can use it again for another person to help them, so on that note I do like this charity. I have been with them about three years. This charity pulls dogs that are due to be put to sleep, (killed), by 'places with the name RESCUE, in them where most people think the animals are safe. There are around 3 million cats and dogs killed in so called 'rescue centres' around the world yearly. There are also millions used in lab testing globally. There was recently a news report where East Riding Council was looking to let beagles be bread for testing, heres the link to protest...

A lot of people think testing in the UK is band and hardly goes on these days. No its horrific and its globally. This bile farming is one of the most horrific tortures of all, they dont die for years and are in these cages where they can't move, with all sorts of tube poked inside their bodies. There are no words for this, I have bought a few t shirts and sweaties of the site you can buy nice product to help them, even lovely little moonbears toys.

Every creature with a spine feels pain like humans do. I am a veggie and do not buy leather or fake fur anymore as there are loop holes in the 'faux / fake fur' and I am 99% confident if I went through your clothes and picked out the fake fur there would be dog / cat / or rabbit part fur in some of it.

Christmas 2013 we raised some funds for a few charities, Id have to go through my bank and paypal to see where it went however it would be a mixture of human and animal support charities, (as I'm writing this up on 8th January 2014.)

Ive still some funds to collect in, however I have sent or as you can see earmarked where it will go.

Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me and of course you save lives of the people and animals you help too!

If you are thinking you would like to do something, simply cut down a meat source, I cut out all meats but chicken, turkey and fish for many years and I was fine. Then I cut the rest out, having seen beautiful chickens in my friends garden who had them for eggs. Theres plenty of things you could do to support a cause. Im always on the hand outs for cat / dog food and old blankets!

Love and thanks again.