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Animal Lover / Rights

The Water Whisperer

Animal Lover and Animal Rights.

For those who know me well, I am a very big supporter of animal rights. All creatures with a spine feel pain like a human does, they of course don't have a voice. It breaks my heart what the human race does to animals, such as caged chimps that are tested on for 50 years, or till death, living in a small cage. Bile farming is about the worst out there, in China bears are stripped from the forrest to live in cages they can not more around in for years with wires and drips stuck in them to collect their bile. There's not even medical proof the bile aids humans in any share for form, excluding the profit of course. you can buy presents or make a donation. I really pray one day this ends, its horrific!

This too is a fact: I am interested in Astronomy, its been discovered we have over 200 billion galaxies in the visible Universe, with trillions of stars (like our Sun) in each galaxy. Recently with the launch of Hubble, its been estimated, one in three stars have orbiting planets. So far approx 2500 planets have been identified, none with possible life.

So all that out there, yes there is probably life some where else how complex the life is, we probably will never know, therefore ever living creature on our planet should be valued as we and everything on our Planet is unique.

A simple simple change I ask of people who want to support animals, is to consider where you buy your cleaning products. I buy ADSA's own branding, they do not test on animals and support other methods.

Saving Bees is something I do, if you find a grounded bee, simply pick it up on a hanky or leaf, and put it on a flower so it can drink the nectar (pref wild flowers so they wont have been sprayed with weed killer), its got tired if it does not fly off if you try and pick it up and will most likely die without your help. We need bees!

Feel free to contact me about helping animals and wild life if you would like to do more.

Thanks so much. Gail