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Learn to Swim All Ages.

Southport / Liverpool / Ormskirk / Wigan / Blackpool Call: 0744 913 5450

3yr & 4yrs Swim 1/4 Mile

The Water Whisperer

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Rohan, Jodie, Sophie & Chloe all swum 1/4 of a mile at three years old!

Here is Rohan with his trophy for swimming so far and so well. He had a wonderful style for his age we are all so proud of him!

3 year old Sophie Murphy swims 1/4 of a mile non stop no armbands or support!

The wonderful Sophie who loves her swimming lessons swam 1/4 of a mile at 3 years old! We also made the local news with her superb achievements.

Here she is on ots news and a lovely photo of her with her trophy!

Click to read about Sophies achievement on OTS News!

Jodie 3 yrs, Callum, Harriet & Oliver 4 yrs old swam 1/4 of a Mile!

Jodie Higham 3 yrs old recently swam 1/4 of a mile full and correct backstroke, (that's 400 meters). Her buddies Callum, Harriet and Oliver, all 4 years old have also swam 520 meters, and 400 meters too. All four of them can swim a great breaststroke, with Harriet being the leader with 200 meters breaststoke which she gained a few days after her 1/4 of a mile back stroke distance swim. Everyone was excited and big cheers were all round when they finished their big swim. Its very rare a 3 year old can swim both breaststroke and backstroke completing big distances.

Callum has only had 5 months of swimming lessons and Harriet and Jodie have been at Swim Baby for approximatley a year.

It took them all about 30 mins to complete the swim which is about the same time as one of their weekly lessons.

As this is such a great achievement they have been awarded Star Trophies for completing the distance swim. All of them would like to go for their half mile which they are currently in training for and I am sure they will pass in the next couple of month.

Well done my super baby swimmers!

They are in my 'Hall of Fame' for fantastic progression at such a young age and in such a short time training with me.

UPDATE: Jodie has since swam her half a mile along with Harriet and Callum has swam his Mile at ust 5 years old! Jodie is to try for her one mile whilst she is still only 4 years old.

Daisy-Mae has swam her 2 miles that's non stop and got her trophy already, well done Daisy-Mae she has only been having swimming lessons with me for 3 months when she completed this massive swim!

Gail & Jodie

Oliver, Jodie, Hattie & Callum.

Others Children with Great Achievements.

Erin Lovegrove at 2 yrs swam 20 meters and at 3 yrs swam 300 meters

Gemma 3 years swam 100 meters breaststroke and backstroke

Leah Mc Carthy started petrified at 7 years and in 18 months swam 5 miles in one session, and learnt backstroke, 

breaststroke, butterfly, front crawl, diving, and she went on to compete.

Nicola Fenna, started very frightened at about 7 yrs old, she went on to compete within 18 months

gaining "Swimmer of the Year" award and trophy.